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 A delegation of Uzbek experts on women’s rights within the scope of United Nations Development Programme on “Empowering women to participate in public administration and socio-economic life” paid a visit to Istanbul Bar Association at 15.00 on Thursday, December 12, 2019. The delegates Nasiba Mizodilova, Dilfuza Abdulhasan, Ozode Pazpibaeva, Gulnara Ishanhanova and Holida Hakimova were welcomed by Atty. Nazan Moroğlu, LL.M., Vice-President of Istanbul Bar Association and Atty. Şükran Eroğlu, Chair of the Women’s Rights Center of Istanbul Bar Association.

The purpose of the delegation’s visit to Istanbul Bar Association was to learn about the best practices on legal empowerment approaches as part of the solution to advance women's access to justice. The delegates were informed on the activities of Istanbul Bar Association to protect women’s rights, to empower women, to promote gender equality and to combat violence against women and discrimination as well as the legal aid function of Istanbul Bar Association. Developments and practices on women’s rights, prevention of violence against women and domestic violence and gender equality in Turkey on the basis of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and Istanbul Convention, both of which Turkey has ratified, were discussed during the meeting.  

Atty. Aylin Moralıoğlu, Responsible Lawyer of Legal Aid Office of Istanbul Bar Association, Atty. Birsen Baş Topaloğlu, Vice-Chair of the Women’s Rights Center of Istanbul Bar Association, Atty. Seda Atagül Kebabcı, Secretary-General of the Center and members of the Center Atty. Özge Kocatepe Sarıcı, Atty. Nural Kılıç, Atty. Kezban Kıvılcımer, Atty. Özlem Hatice Bakırcı, Atty. Begüm Tekin, Atty. F. Tuğçe Ünal and Atty. Hale Eroğlu also attended the meeting.

Rendering information on the current developments in women’s rights issues in Uzbekistan, the delegation explained that the Uzbek parliament recently enacted a long-waited law on “The protection of women from harassment and violence" that will give additional support to women and families affected by violence in the country. The law stipulates the creation of new women’s rehabilitation centers across regions of Uzbekistan and comprehensive improvement of existing ones. Today, 197 Rehabilitation Centers for victims of violence are operating in Uzbekistan. Besides rehabilitating the victims of violence, these autonomous centers, funded by the state, also serve as shelters for the women.