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President of Amsterdam Bar Association E. J. Henrichs, a member of Lawyers for Lawyers  Irma van den Berg and a criminal lawyer  from the Netherlands paid a visit to Istanbul Bar Association at 13.00 on Friday, November 30, 2018 to meet with the President of Istanbul Bar Association Atty. Mehmet Durakoğlu.

Informing the delegation on the main topics discussed during the Judicial Strategy Reform Meeting, which was held in Ankara on November 29, 2018, broadly participated by the presidents of many bar associations in Turkey, the members of judiciary and the Minister of Justice, President Durakoğlu detailed on their proposals to solve the problems of the attorneyship profession, to increase the quality of the profession and he assessed the needs analysis made throughout the meeting. Durakoğlu underlined that an attorneyship examination has to be introduced as a condition for admission to the legal profession in Turkey.   

President Durakoğlu indicated that the state of emergency in Turkey has been normalized and governmental decrees have been enacted as laws, and he added that reflections of regulations introduced by the governmental decrees on the lawyers can never be legitimized and law cannot be suspended for any reason. Durakoğlu repeated their belief in the dignity of right to defense and he expressed their solidarity with the colleagues whose rights have been violated on grounds of their “attorneyship practice”