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Today is April 5… It is Lawyers’ Day Today...

This is our call to the Turkish people!

Not only the members of judiciary are liable for the independence of judiciary. Independence of judiciary means living in dignity. It means leading a humane life.

Independence of judiciary means being able to make decisions without any oppression, threat or anyone’s influence.

It means equal treatment of anybody before law no matter what the prevailing conditions are.

Independence of judiciary is legal security.

It secures honest people to walk tall.

Romans had granted right to defense even to their slaves.

Indepence of judiciary is right to defense.

It means access to justice in all circumstances.

It is fair trial, complying with law.


Protect independence of judiciary!

Today is April 5…

It is Lawyers’ Day Today...

Lawyers have always been the hope for dignity, and the dignity of the hope…

They have never bent before oppression. They have been jailed, they have gone under proceedings, but they have never given up their struggle.

Struggle has always been in any place where unlawfullness prevails and lawyers have always been a part of that struggle. In order to maintain independence of judiciary… In order to establish justice…

We will resist till the state is governed by the rule of law, and the courthouses are filled with justice. We name this resistance as “defense”, “lawyer” and “bar association”.

We will achieve justice! The rightful will win!

Because we believe in the power of justice and the rule of law.

Happy Lawyers’ Day!