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The Federal Parliament of Germany [German Bundestag] has adopted a resolution titled “Remembering and Commemorating the Ottoman Empire’s genocide on Armenians and other Christian minorities in 1915-1916” and has achieved a historical “distortion”.

First of all, it is important to note that parliaments are not entitled and authorized to reconstruct history to serve their economic and political interests, to pass resolutions on the ground of this unreal/fantastic fiction. Isolating itself from the historical facts, the Germany’s Federal Parliament has adopted a resolution concerning an issue, which does not fall within the scope of its duty and authority, based on a made-up virtual history. Therefore, being totally contrary to historical facts, this decision is null and void.  The German Parliament is not entitled and authorized to announce the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish nation as “genocider”  With this resolution, Germany has deeply offended the Turkish nation, burned the bridges in between in a way that can never be restored.  This attitude does neither comply with “friendship”, nor “alliance”, it is rather a hostile attitude.

In this resolution, which is not based on any historical and scientific reference, a call “to support the actions that would normalize the relations between Turkey and Armenia and take a step forward for a settlement between the peoples of these two”  is nothing more than a comedy. On the contrary, by this resolution, the way that leads to objective, scientific and historical researches has been blocked and bred bad blood has been boosted. Moreover, based on this resolution, the argument that it was not only Armenians, but also the other Christian minorities such as “Assyrians, Syriacs and Keldanis” that were affected by the so-called genocide- building a religious ground, besides the ethnic one, for the arguments- sheds a light to the actual political motives inherent in this resolution.

The reference/attribute made to the “shameful role” of the German Empire is nothing but a sneaky tactic to make the Turkish nation digest this defamation. However, it is not needed to look at that far. Within this framework, it is quite interesting that the same German Parliament does not take any action for the exposition of the imperialist policies of Germany and some other western states in the face of the recent genocide and ethnic massacres in Algeria, Yugoslavia, especially those in Bosnia and Rwanda, the ongoing war and destructions in the Middle East!

With this resolution, Germany has disregarded three million people of Turkish origin, the majority of whom became German citizens, who contributed to the economic wonder of Germany. We wonder how German politicians shamelessly look at the faces of these people, whom they declared genocider, and ask for votes.

Furthermore, insertion of this slander to the curriculum in Germany and the prospects of dictating to the gastarbeiter kids receiving education in Germany that their ancestors were genociders is the most explicit indicator of Germany’s strategy built on hostility towards Turkey.

Another issue we wonder about is whether the members of the parliament (MP’s) from Turkey(!) who have voted “in favor” of this slander feel a twinge of guilt! We would like to remind to these MP cartoon characters -who are the concrete evidence to verify that the only way to get a leg in the door of the Bundestag is to enter the integration lathe as Turkish, but gets out of it as German (Deutsch)- that they make their ancestors turn in their graves and that the Turkish nation will drop them off eternally!

As a result, taking this resolution, Germany has been captured by politics and by some lobbies, and it has lost its face and credibility. Undoubtedly, they will face with its outcomes and they will bear its diplomatic, economic and psychological consequences. Turkish nation will never forget and forgive this hypocritical attitude of Germany as well as those who have taken the lead and provided support for this result. Relations between Turkey and Germany will never be the same again. 

Our advice for those who are responsible for this slander –that would serve their imperialist interests- contrary to law and science is that if they would like to see the genuine genociders, they had better look at the mirror!